IT color the world

posted on 17 Feb 2009 13:50 by jomkrabee in BLOG-IT

This topic that I would like to tell is about graphic in IT. Photoshop is the program that I used for filtering the pictures. I can make many edited pictures that give powerful meanings inside. It colors the world in the term of physical and mental. We can image how beauties of any pictures combine with spiritual worth. Although I am not good at drawing, this program is easy for using. I can cut, draw or paint the picture easily and sharply. IT can help me to fulfill what skill I lack.




We can learn all over the world

posted on 17 Feb 2009 13:46 by jomkrabee in BLOG-IT
Surfing internet is very useful for me. First of all, I can see and analyze many opinions from people in different regions through the webboard. Many articles can be observed and reply opinions with. Online network is a worldwide communication. I can make many friends through the internet. We can share ideas in many topics. For example, Politics, Economics, Sport, games, and any interested topics. In conclusion, I can learn throughout the internet by using the internet communication with the world.

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A problem with Computer usage

posted on 02 Dec 2008 16:13 by jomkrabee in BLOG-IT
This story is about lack of skill in computer hardware. 3 month ago, I went outside for camping in other province. After I came back, I tried to turn on my own computer. Then, the computer didn’t run anymore. I was very worry because I had to work on computer that day. I tried to reboot it but it’s didn’t work anymore. The next day, my mother asked her friend who know about hardware computer. He said that RAM of computer wasn’t put properly. It was a very sample problem but I can’t solve for the lack of knowledge. I should almost wasted money if I sent to technicians and they said to me that RAM wasn’t put properly and charged me for 200 baht or more.



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